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Services Offered


General Ledger

I will help analyze your ledger transactions to provide reasonable assurance that the charges and credits are valid. I will review that your ledger is compliant with all relevant policies and regulations.


Accounts Payable

I will assist you and your company in auditing and processing all invoices in a timely manner and in compliance with applicable rules and regulations. We will work to streamline and optimize your accounts payable.


Accounts Receivable

Make sure your accounts receivable (including cash application) are in order and helping you maximize the profits of your business. I will help you make sure you are accounting and reporting revenue in an efficient manner.


Bank/Credit Card Reconciliation

Make sure that your transactions in QuickBooks (or other accounting software services) match up to your bank records. We will identify and correct any discrepancies.


Fixed Assets

I will help you account for any tangible assets or property, plant, and equipment costs that factor into your business success.



We will ensure your company’s inventory is being accurately recorded on your balance sheets, helping you understand the value of any unsold product.


Accounting Setup

I will work with you to get accounting processes and procedures set up for yourself or your company, taking the stress of balancing books off of your plate. I will create a unique plan for your specific needs.


And More!

Anything else you need from an accountant? I’m happy to help. Contact me today!